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Best Home Remedies for Swollen Gums

Swelling of the gums is a common problem. The tissue that forms the gums is thick, fibrous and full of blood vessels. Hence, when there is swelling, the gums may protrude or bulge out and appear red instead of their normal pink. This can cause the gums to become irritated, sensitive and even painful. The gums also may bleed more easily when brushing or flossing your teeth.

Gum swelling can be due to a number of issues, such as gingivitis, infection, nutritional deficiencies or pregnancy. Other common causes include poorly fitting dentures or other dental appliances, excessive smoking or use of other tobacco products, sensitivity to toothpaste or mouthwash, an injury or incorrect brushing or flossing techniques.

You can soothe the pain and swelling of gums with proper oral hygiene and home remedies. However, if you have swollen gums and symptoms persist for more than two weeks, see your dentist.

Here are the best home remedies for swollen gums
Salt water Mouth Rinse for Swollen Gums Salt…

Home Remedies for Swollen Feet

Swollen feet is a common problem that anyone can suffer from. It is not a disease in itself, but rather a symptom of an underlying issue. Usually, this problem arises when fluid accumulates in the tissues, leading to swelling known as edema.

People who have diabetes, heart problems, kidney or liver disease, and pregnant women are more prone to this problem.

Top 5 Home Remedies for Swollen FeetEpsom Salt Foot Soak for Swelling Epsom salt is one of the best remedies for swollen feet. It not only treats swelling but also alleviates pain and discomfort in your feet. Magnesium sulfate present in Epsom salt gets easily absorbed and improve blood circulation which reduces fluid build up and helps you get rid of swollen feet. You just need to soak your feet in some warm water mixed with Epsom salt
Get this:
● Epsom salt- 1/2 cup● Warm water● Foot bath
Do this:
● Fill the foot bath with warm water.● Add Epsom salt to this.● Soak your swollen feet in this water for 10-20 minutes.● You may either do …